Need An Air Compressor For Your Construction Business? Look For These Qualities Before You Buy

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Need An Air Compressor For Your Construction Business? Look For These Qualities Before You Buy

3 October 2016
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If there is one piece of equipment you cannot do without as the owner of a construction business, it is a good heavy-duty air compressor. From air tools to keeping tires aired and ready, you will find you use an air compressor pretty much every day in your line of work. Before you skip off to the local hardware store to pick up whatever air compressor you can find, you should know that an air compressor that will be used in construction settings should have specific attributes to be most qualified for your consideration. Here are a few features you need to look for when investing in a commercial-grade air compressor for your construction business. 

Look for an air compressor large enough to cater to your needs. 

Small air compressors only house a few gallons of air at one time, which means the compressor will have to pull double duty if you need air on a fairly regular basis. For a smaller air compressor, this will mean failure will occur pretty quickly. Therefore, it is best to go with an industrial or commercial version that has the capability to house more air at once. This means that the compressor will work to fill the air tanks and the air will be available for a lot longer without the motor having to consistently kick in for refueling.

Look for an air compressor that has enough capacity, but is still maneuverable.  

While your construction business will likely need an air compressor that is larger than most, you do not want to go with a model so large that it will not be portable. If you have to load up the air compressor for transport to different job sites, the last thing you want is a model that makes this practically impossible. It is best to find a middle ground between an air compressor that s large enough to suit your needs and one that will be portable when necessary. 

Look for an air compressor that offers quieter operation. 

If the majority of your construction endeavors take place outdoors, noise may not be a concern. However, if you have a construction business that involves a lot of interior work where the air compressor will be in use, you will want to go with a model that offers quieter operation. For example, rotary screw air compressors are usually less noisy during operation, which make them more preferred in interior construction settings.