Tarpaulin: The Facts You Need To Know About Tarps

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Tarpaulin: The Facts You Need To Know About Tarps

26 September 2016
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The kind of dump truck tarp system you use can make a difference in the activities your truck can perform. Some tarps are used to help transport items from place to place without losing any of the materials, while others are designed to keep the items inside clean or dry. 

Why Choose Tarpaulin In the First Place?

Tarpaulin, better known as tarp, is a sheet of flexible, waterproof material. It can be made from a number of fabrics, whether it's canvas or cloth, because the tarp itself is waterproofed by adding urethane. The urethane seals the material, preventing water, sand or other elements from getting through the material. Tarp is strong and durable, and it often comes with grommets on the sides, which are used with ties to tie down the tarp to a vehicle or in another location. 

Does Tarp Offer Protection from the Elements?

Yes. Tarp's first and foremost job is to protect a truck's materials from getting wet, blowing away in the wind on a highway, or from being bleached out by the sun. Tarps can also be used underneath the materials to protect the dump truck's bed and to prevent molding or rot from water getting under the materials.

Tarps are also used for making tents and makeshift housing. The tarps are easy to roll up after each use; they're portable and lightweight. 

What Are Some Unusual Uses for Tarp?

Interestingly, tarps are most often used not for protection from the elements but for advertising. They are what make up the billboards you see on the highway, which means printing on tarp is possible. For trucking companies that want to note what the materials under the tarp are or who want to advertise as they drive, buying a tarp that has their advertising materials on it is key to success. The tarp is then tied on the truck where other drivers can see it. 

Some people have taken to purchasing tarp for makeshift pools. With a tarp draped around the inside of a dump truck bed or pickup truck bed, it's possible to line the area to be watertight. All people do then is stick a hose in the truck's bed. Once the water gets high enough, you have a makeshift pool that is easy to take on the go. 

These are just a few fun facts about tarps and how they're used today. Whether it's in the construction industry or a backyard, tarps offer much in the way of versatility. For more information, talk to a professional like LoAlbo Enterprises Inc.