Does Your Bucket Truck Sit Idle During the Winter? 3 Ideas for Putting It to Good Use During the Off-Season

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Does Your Bucket Truck Sit Idle During the Winter? 3 Ideas for Putting It to Good Use During the Off-Season

27 September 2016
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If your business slows down during the winter months, you might be looking for a few ways to make some extra cash. If you own a bucket truck with a service body that's sitting idle, you could put it to good use for some side jobs. You might not realize this, but bucket trucks can be in high demand during the winter, especially during the holidays. Here are three ways you can put your bucket truck to good use and make some extra cash this winter.

Installing Holiday Lights

If you live in an area where holiday decorations are a big thing, you might want to put your truck to use for lighting and decoration assistance. Renting your services out during the holiday season will allow individuals and businesses the opportunity to decorate those elevated rooftops with ease. Your customers will appreciate the fact that they won't have to climb on rickety ladders to access those tall areas along the rooflines and rooftops. Your bucket truck will also come in handy for those who enjoy decorating those big trees in their yards. If your city has a civic tree-lighting ceremony, you might want to reach out to officials and let them know that your services are available for their use.

Photography for Large Groups

During the holidays, many families gather for reunions. While they're gathered, they may want to get a big group picture. Unfortunately, group pictures can be difficult to get from the ground. That's where your bucket truck comes in. Rent your services out to families, businesses, and civic organizations for their holiday pictures.

Gutter Cleaning

While families are preparing for the holidays, they're making sure that their homes are prepared as well. That means that they need to make sure that their home is protected against the inclement weather that will soon be arriving. Part of that protection includes waterproofing the home, which usually means cleaning the gutters. It can be difficult to clean gutters, especially on split-level, or multi-story, homes. Instead of letting your bucket truck sit during the winter, use it to provide gutter cleaning for residential and business customers. With your bucket, you'll be able to clean those hard-to-reach gutters in no time.

If you've got a bucket truck that's not doing anything this winter, put it to use for other money-making ventures. Use the tips provided here to make some extra money using your bucket truck. Look at what companies such as Koenig Body & Equipment Inc are doing for more ideas.