Robotic Automation: Solutions For Full Automation Of Your Factory

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Robotic Automation: Solutions For Full Automation Of Your Factory

26 December 2019
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More and more factories are turning away from human work and toward robotic help. There are plenty of reasons for this, including the fact that there are far fewer flaws and recalls with products made by precise robotic equipment. If you are considering turning your entire manufacturing plant over to robotics and automation, here are a few pieces of equipment that can help.

Robotic Grinding Machines

From metal shavings to bits of glass, material removal processes are the most dangerous jobs in any plant. Human workers can accidentally breathe in particles that can cause expensive long-term disabilities. They can get shards of metal, wood, plastic, or glass embedded in their flesh or eyes and require a lot of time off from work. There are even job candidates that will refuse employment if the only jobs you are hiring for are in your material removal department! Instead, call up a robot grinding machine manufacturer and request the product brochures on all robotic/automated grinding machines that the manufacturer makes. Then you can decide which of those machines to purchase and incorporate into your plant to make products better and reduce all possible injuries to human employees. 

Robotic Painters

Painting products is a long, arduous process when you have to rely on a human being to paint something evenly. Instead, install robotic painters, which are programmed to paint with precisely the right color, with the exact amount of paint on each pass over an object to be painted, and with no inhalation issues involved. Because each pass and each spray of paint is exactly the right amount and the right thickness, the paint jobs will be flawless and will dry much faster than they do when you have a human technician doing the same job. 

Robotic Welding

Welding requires a lot of harmful chemicals to seal metal pieces together. Even soldering uses the poisonous material of solder. Although most welders do take necessary precautions to protect themselves from harm, it is still dangerous work, and mistakes can be made. Install automated welding machines that can be programmed to weld anything exactly how you want the products to be welded. The results will be consistent from product to product, with no mistakes and with zero potential danger to any human employee regardless of the numerous personal safety precautions taken by most welders in the same position as your fully automated and robotic welding systems equipment.