Specs To Seek Out In Electric Conduit Benders

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Specs To Seek Out In Electric Conduit Benders

11 October 2021
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An electric conduit bender is going to be your best bet for manipulating conduits to better support wires on the outside of buildings. If you get a model that has the following specs, your bending activities will remain well-supported for years.

User-Friendly Adjustments 

There are different types of bends you can perform on conduit materials, including horizontal and vertical bends. Each one comes in handy for a particular purpose and you won't have trouble supporting them when you get a bender with user-friendly adjustments.

You then won't have to do much of anything to switch from vertical to horizontal bending. You may just have to use a lever and unlock the position, moving the bender in the orientation that makes sense for the conduit materials you plan on working with. You'll save time and won't have to expend a lot of energy.

Compact Handle

In order to have an easy time moving an electric conduit bender around, there will be a handle at the top. You can grab onto it and then have more control over this machine—but just make sure it has a compact design.

That's going to make a difference in the type of electric conduit bending you can complete. The compact handle won't be in the way or interfere with the angles you're able to get when using this machine on conduit materials. Instead, the handle will remain out of the way and ready for when you want to move this machine. 

Appropriate Bend Radiuses 

When using an electric conduit bender on conduit materials, you will have particular radiuses that you want to achieve. That will depend on the type of electrical components you're supporting on a building, but regardless, you need a bender that supports the appropriate bend radiuses.

Then you'll be able to use this bender in an effective way and have radius versatility to complete different electrical projects that come your way. Every bender machine will state its supported radiuses so that you can quickly and easily see what the machine is capable of when conduit materials are manipulated.

An electric conduit bender makes it a lot easier and safer to bend conduit materials. If you want to support this bending activity effectively for a long time to come, then make sure your sights are set on a bender that's adaptable, reliable, and easy to work with. 

For more information, contact a supplier of electrical conduit benders.