Why Rent An Atrium Lift?

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Why Rent An Atrium Lift?

19 October 2022
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If you're constructing or renovating a building, then you might need to rent one or more aerial lifts. These lifts enable you to get people up to a specific working height.

While you might need large lifts with special capabilities at some point, you might also need to hire an atrium lift for parts of your job. How do these lifts work and what are their benefits?

What Is an Atrium Lift?

An atrium lift is a small lift designed to carry one person. These lifts typically have an articulated knuckle boom that can carry a worker to a height. The boom's articulated movement also makes the lift move horizontally.

These lifts have a small, caged platform at the end of the boom. This is where your worker will stand and work.

You usually use atrium lifts indoors. For example, if you are working in the shell of a building, then you might use this lift to get a painter, builder, or electrician to levels beyond the reach of a ladder or regular scaffold.

Atrium lifts have a small footprint compared to other aerial lifts. So, most come with support outriggers that you use to stabilize the base when you use the lift.

What Are the Benefits of Atrium Lifts?

Atrium lifts are useful if you need a lift that can work in a constricted space. For example, if you have to get a lift into an indoor area with a small doorway with low clearance, then an atrium lift is a good solution.

These lifts are small enough to navigate through tight spaces. So, you can set the lift's boom to a horizontal position to reduce its height so that it goes through the doorway. Once the base unit is through, you can position the lift, raise its boom, and start work. The light weight of these lifts also makes it easy to move them around your site from job to job.

Atrium lifts are also relatively lightweight compared to other aerial lifts. They work well in situations where you have to restrict equipment weight, say on temporary flooring or on higher floors that have weight restrictions.

Plus, if you rent a lift with full articulation, then you get 360-degree movement. You can use the lift's controls to position your worker in the right places. They won't have to spend as much time coming down to the ground to move the lift itself.

To find out more about atrium lifts and how they might work on your construction site, contact aerial lift rental companies.